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CNW  041415  Islam and the Islamic State Paving way to the New World Order
CNW  062315  Three Wraths in the Book of Revelation Reveals Order of End Time Events
RNS   100615  Pope Francis' US Visit Confirms His Role as False Prophet
CNW  102015  New Book Gives Fresh Insight Into Russia's Prophetic Destiny
CNW  111715  Leopard on the prowl attacks Paris; Islam's prophetic destiny
CNW  120815  Signs of the End: Islam, Violence, and the Culture of Death... A Clarion Call to Christians to Wake-up
CNW  011816  The Prophetic Timeline, Islam's Destiny, and a Look Toward 2016
CNW  020216  Is Obama the Antichrist? Better Look at this...
RealLife Interview with Don Black
Interview starts at 15:59