chronology matters - lesson 6

In the following, Lessons 1-5 are outlined in an abbreviated chart form.

As we understand the prophetic timeline already outlined in the Bible, we understand the events and ordering of prophetic events, where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we are to the appearing of the Antichrist and return of Christ.

According to the prophetic timeline, the next event to take place is the establishment of the realignment of all nations into ten regions, a global cashless society, and then the appearing of the Antichrist.

These empires dominate history from around 608 BC to the establishment of God’s kingdom. These empires move through history sequentially and are verified 100% accurate by historians. These empires make up the Devil’s body on earth from which he accomplishes his agenda.
• Babylon / head
• Medo-Persia / shoulders, arms
• Grecian / torso
• Roman / legs


Daniel 7's empires give direction to, sets the agenda for, and move all nations through the last of the last days and into the age of the Antichrist and earth's last seven years.
• Great Britain
• United States
• Russia
• Islam
• New World Order – realignment of all nations under ten global regions

These empires also complete the parts of the Devil's body necessary to mobilize the body to complete the Devil's will on earth.  The Bible reveals that Great Britain and the United States are the Devil's earthly voice and sets the vision, the agenda, and leads the world to set everything in place for the arrival of the Antichrist.

Russia is the feet that mobilizes Islam through treaties and military support and action against Israel. Islam is the body on which the voice and feet are attached.

It is not possible to expound on this further in this short post. For more details see my books, age of the Antichrist: ARE WE THERE YET? and REVELATION and the Age of the Antichrist.


Daniel 9's timeline is known as the 70 weeks. This timeline overlaps and connects both Daniel 2 and 7 and accounts for the great span of time from the Roman Empire until the appearing of the Antichrist. This span of time is traditionally called a “pause” and is what we know as the last days and the time of harvest. Jesus tells us what happens in this pause in His Matthew 24 teachings. Here we are given the timeline of events that moves us through the last days to the appearing of the Antichrist.
• 9:25 Giving of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Jesus comes (69 weeks)
• 9:26 Jesus is Crucified (after 69th week)
• 9:26 Jerusalem and the temple is destroyed (70 AD)
• Pause/last days between the 69th and 70th weeks.
• 9:27 Arrival of the Antichrist who will confirm and break a treaty with Israel  ushering the world into the great tribulation/holocaust (70th week)

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