chronology matters - lesson 5

AS SEEN IN OUR PREVIOUS lessons, each timeline ended with the Antichrist. Daniel 2 ended with the Antichrist’s ten-toed, global kingdom. Daniel 7 revealed the empires that put into place this kingdom and the empire the Antichrist will appear from (the terrible beast). Daniel 9 and Matthew 24 reveal the events that take place leading to the Antichrist’s arrival in our last days. These events also let us know how close we are to his arrival. Our last timeline is the Book of Revelation and outlines the age of the Antichrist when he is in power. This is also the 70th week of Daniel’s 70 weeks.

This revelation timeline is ordered into three categories: 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Vials. For more comprehensive details, please see my book, Revelation and the Age of the Antichrist.

One of the important things to note with these categories is that they follow in sequence. We know this because the six seals are opened first to release the Antichrist and his destruction. When the seventh seal is opened, the seven trumpets are released out of the seventh seal. The six trumpets release Christ's wrath upon the earth through the two witnesses (Israel and the Church). When the seventh and last trumpet blows, the hour of God’s wrath is released through the seven vials. The six vials release God's hour of wrath upon everyone remaining on earth after the rapture. When the seventh vial is poured out, God's work of creation is complete and all the earth and everything in it is destroyed.

It is not possible for the events of the 7 seals to be released after the 7 trumpets or the events of the 7 vials to be released before the seals or trumpets since the trumpets come out of the seventh seal, and the vials come out of the seventh trumpet.

What this means for our present age is that it is not possible for the events of the trumpets or vials to now be taking place since the seals that give the Antichrist political/economic authority has not yet been opened.

When you hear someone say that the seals are now being loosed upon the earth, or the trumpets are now blaring, or the vials are now being poured out—don’t believe them. None of this can take place until all nations are realigned into ten global regions and the cashless infrastructure has been put in place.

Here’s the timeline of the Book of Revelation, Daniel’s 70th week (chapters are to the left, additional events are in parenthesis):

2 - 3  Apostasy

4 - 6  Releasing of the 7 seals. Antichrist given political & economic authority

7 - 11  Releasing of the 7 trumpets. Christ's judgments released on Antichrist’s kingdom through the 2 witnesses (Israel and the Church)

12 - 13  More details concerning the previous seals and trumpet judgments

14 - 16  Releasing of the 7 vials of God's hour of wrath (Christ returns, rapture)

17 - 18  More details concerning God's hour of wrath

19 - 20  Armageddon (1,000 year rule on earth)

21 - 22  New heaven & New Earth

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