chronology matters - lesson 4

BETWEEN THE TIME OF THE Divided Roman Empire in Daniel 2 and the rise of the animal empires in Daniel 7, there is a long span of time between the two. This is where Daniel 9's timeline of the 70 weeks gives to us insight to what takes place during this time. Here's the timeline of the 70 weeks:

·         The command to rebuild Jerusalem is given (9:25)

·         Jesus is born (9:25)

·         Jesus is crucified after the 69th week (9:26)

·         Jerusalem and the temple are destroyed in 70 AD (9:26)

·         Jerusalem continues as a ruined city controlled by others until Christ returns (9:26)

Between verses 26 and 27 there is a long span of time which traditionally is called a pause. We know this because verse 27 refers to Jerusalem continuing in desolations until the consummation, the end of al things when Jesus returns. These events are:

·         The Antichrist will confirm a treaty with the Jews for seven years

·         He will break the treaty three and a half years after confirming the treaty

·         The Jews and Jerusalem will become desolate again and the Antichrist will pour out his great tribulation upon them.

This long span of time after the death of Jesus until the Antichrist appears is known as the last days. We know this because when Jesus appeared the last days began. In my book, age of the Antichrist: ARE WE THERE YET? I give scripture showing how each of the New Testament writers confirms that Jesus ushered in the last days when He appeared on the earth. Jesus also confirmed this when He started His ministry preaching: "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel." (Mark 1:15) 

Since Jesus ushered in the last days, He also explained in Matthew 24 the events that would take place during this time until the Antichrist appears. Here's what He tells us:

·         The last days will begin with wars, rumors of wars, and people claiming to be Him. There will be much deception. These events are just everyday events and do not tell us that the end is coming soon, only that the beginning to the end has started (24:4-6).

·         When we come to the beginning of the end of our present age, we enter into what Jesus calls the "beginning of sorrows." These are the events that will increase and become more frequent to lead us to earth's last seven years, the arrival of the Antichrist, and the great tribulation. The events that inform us that we are the final generation, the "this generation" spoken of by Jesus, include the exponential increase of nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines, diseases, and earthquakes (24:7-8).

·         The final event letting us know there are only seven years left is when the Antichrist sets loose his great tribulation/holocaust throughout the world (24:9-13).

Daniel 2 gave us the empires that lead us throughout history to the age of the Antichrist. Daniel 7 revealed those empires that would put in place the final pieces necessary for the Antichrist’s new world order. Daniel 9’s timeline gives to us the events that would be our sign posts to let us know where we are on the prophetic timeline and how close we are to earth’s last seven years.


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