chronology matters - lesson 3

DANIEL 2 GAVE TO US the main timeline outlining the mountain top view of prophetic history from the time of Daniel to the return of Christ. Today we look at another timeline recorded in Daniel 7 to find out where our current age is on Daniel’s prophetic timeline.

The big question here is, “How do we know where Daniel 7’s timeline fits on Daniel 2’s timeline?”

In the last lesson I stated that “the prophetic events outlined in Scripture are dated.” Once we know when the events take place, we then know where they fit into Daniel 2’s timeline.

Let’s look at Daniel 7 to see how that works out.

In this chapter we have a timeline illustrated with five different beasts/animals: a lion (7:4), eagle wings (7:4), a bear (7:5), a leopard (7:6), and a terrible beast (7:7-8).

Before identifying the five empires, we want to know the time period when they are in power. Here’s what Daniel tells us:

   1.  Daniel is told these empires “shall rise up” (7:17). Indicating they are not yet in power, but will come to power at a much later date. They cannot be the same nations identified in Daniel 2, as some teach. Otherwise Daniel would be familiar with them and it wouldn’t be necessary to re-identify them here as beasts.

   2.  These empires will be conquered and possessed by God’s people for eternity (7:8, 27). This does not take place until the earth is in its last seven years.

    3.  The terrible fourth beast with ten horns will be the realignment of all nations into ten global regions, known as the ten toes of Daniel 2 (7:7-8, 23-24). This realignment does not take place until earth’s final years to prepare for the arrival of the Antichrist.

   4.  The “little horn” is the one we call the Antichrist (7:8, 24). He doesn’t appear in power until earth’s last seven years are upon us. He arrives out of the global ten region realignment of al nations known as the terrible beast, and referred to by our world leaders as the New World Order (7:8, 20).

The above dating places Daniel 7 at the end of Daniel 2’s timeline during the divided Roman Empire leading to the establishment of the “ten toes” and the arrival of the Antichrist. This is the time we are now living in.

Now that we‘ve established when Daniel 7 takes place, let’s find out who these animal empires are.

The first thing to notice is that these empires do not conquer each other as did Daniel 2’s empires; they are in power at the same time. Since we established that Daniel 7 is dated in our current time period, we need to ask if there are empires in power right now who identify with these beast empires. Of course the answer is a definite yes.

Most can immediately identify which empire has a lion, eagle, or bear as their national animal. The answer would be Great Britain (lion), America (eagle), and Russia (bear). No empire in power currently identifies with the leopard, but an empire has risen up in recent decades with the characteristic of the leopard, and that is Islam. Because the other empires are currently in power we can safely say that Islam is this leopard empire. For more information see my book, age of the Antichrist: ARE WE THERE YET?

Throughout history nations have had these animals as their national symbol, but never in the history of the world have we had four great empires identify with these animals that were all in power at the same time...not until our present age.

The fact that the lion, eagle, and bear are in power, and the leopard is rising, shows how close we are to the appearing of the Antichrist and the return of Christ.

The last great and terrible empire this earth will ever know will be Daniel 7’s fourth beast. It comprises ten horns/kings/empires. As I outline in my books, these ten empires do not form a union such as the European Union, but are the realignment of all nations into ten global economic regions. Once this realignment is in place, then the Antichrist (little horn) will come into power, mandate what is called “the mark of the beast,” and move forward to remove one fourth of the world’s population. The United Nations presently operates with the entire world realigned according to ten regions as outlined in their 2009 report, The Millennium Development Goals Report 2009.

In summary, Daniel 2 records those empires that will set the stage for the Antichrist’s arrival. He ends with the divided Roman Empire and then jumps far into the future with the global realignment of all nations and the age of the Antichrist. Daniel 7 records those animal empires that rise up out of the divided Roman Empire to lead all nations to the age of the Antichrist. The time between Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 consist of a large amount of time which includes what we call the last days, the times of the gentiles, and the time of harvest. We will look at this more in Lesson 4.

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