chronology matters - lesson 2

IF I WERE TO ASK ten people to place the following prophetic events into their proper order, I would most likely receive ten different answers.

New World Order
Antichrist Arrives
Great Tribulation
Jesus Returns
Seven Vial Judgments
1000 Year Reign
New Heaven & New Earth

There is a big problem when it comes to ordering the events of prophecy—and there shouldn’t be. No one questions the ordering of the historical wars outlined in our first lesson. Neither should there be any question concerning the ordering of prophetic events.

Because there are so many last day timelines, based on how someone thinks the events should line up, we need to ask: “Does the Bible give to us a timeline that has a beginning, an ending, and a sequence of events moving from beginning to end that doesn’t require any reordering or manipulation on our part?”

The resounding answer is—yes! That timeline is known by perhaps most Christians as a massive statue recorded in Daniel 2. In this timeline we are given the ordering of history from the time of Nebuchadnezzar around 608 BC to the arrival of the Antichrist and the Second coming of Christ.

Though written in the early 600 BC, this timeline is so accurate that some historians deny that God dictated it to Daniel and say it could not have been written during Daniel’s lifetime. The recorded events have all been fulfilled except the last two: the realignment of all nations into ten global regions and the coming of God’s kingdom. Because the other five events have come and gone, we have the assurance that the last two also will take place as recorded.

No historian or theologian denies the empires recorded in Daniel 2 or the sequence in which they appeared. Here’s the timeline recorded in Daniel 2:

608 BC - 538 BC - Dan 2:38 - Babylon in power
538 BC - 333 BC - Dan 2:39 - Medo-Persia conquers Babylon
333 BC – 160 BC - Dan 2:40 - Greecian Empire conquers Medo-Persia
160 BC – 476 AD - Dan 2:41 - Roman Empire Overtakes Grecian
476 AD - Present - Dan 2:41 - Divided Roman Empire
20?? AD – Dan 2:41-43 - Ten Toes/NWO (realignment of all nations into ten global regions)
20?? AD – Dan 2:44-45 - God’s Kingdom (will destroy the previous empire)

Because the accuracy of Daniel’s timeline is without question, it lays the foundation for placing all prophetic events in their proper time period. As we will find in this study, the prophetic events outlined in Scripture are dated; therefore the guess work is removed from which time period they fall into.

As Daniel’s timeline is used as our foundation for ordering all prophetic events, we have assurance of the ordering of prophetic events, where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we are to the appearing of the Antichrist and the second coming of Christ.

 We will see how this works out when we take a look at the next timeline recorded in Daniel chapter 7.


LESSON THREE: The Placement of Our Present Age

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