chronology matters - lesson 1

IF I WERE TO ASK YOU to tell me what's wrong with the order of the following wars, you would have no problem knowing what's wrong.

Civil War
American Revolution
Vietnam War
Korean War

Of course the American Revolution should be first and the Vietnam War should be last.

We know this because the events have been recorded for us by those who were there. It is this recorded sequence of events that lets us know when our historical ordering of events might be out of whack.

The problem with ordering last day events is that somehow we've ended up with more than one timeline. That means the majority of last day timelines are incorrect or completely wrong.

Do we have such a timeline by which we can measure all last day events?

Yes! Yes we do...and it is recorded in the Bible and does not need our intervention to reorder. With this timeline we can place all last day events in their proper order, thereby knowing where we are on the prophetic timeline and how close we are to the rise of the Antichrist and the return of Christ.

LESSON TWO: The Biblical Ordering

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